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About Us


Vijay's Neuro Clinic

Major Dr T. Vijay

M.D.,(Gen.Med), D.M.,(Neurology), D.N.B.,(Neurology)




To give the patient best possible treatment and help the family to get the information of the issues facing their loved one. To make sure that the doctors who refer to the clinic are informed at every step of the way about the treatment patient is being given and the response to the treatment.




  •  Provide a caring and supportive environment.
  •  Making sure that the most advanced technological and medical expertise available to the patients.
  •  Facilitate the patient from diagnosis through appropriate treatment and suitable successful outcome.
  •  Assisting patients and families in making realistic judgments and informed decisions, whenever necessary.


Our Clinic offer services for wide variety of Neurological issues and disorders but not limited to:


Headache, Fits, Stroke, Vertigo/Giddiness, Tremors, Neuropathy, Sleep Disturbances, Cervical Disc Disease, Memory Loss, Spinal Cord Disease, Parkinson Disease, Tics.

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